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I’ll be honest here, the gift list was one of the planning tasks that I was most looking forward to. Our favourite American rom-coms often depict happy couples scanning to their hearts’ content in a fancy department store, and as a self-confessed shopaholic, I couldn’t wait to get in on the action! Whether you’re opting for a traditional gift list or donations towards your honeymoon or house fund, there are a few things that are worth keeping in mind during the planning stages and after your wedding. 
Be grateful. After our wedding a couple of my friends asked me if I was upset that we didn’t get the coffee machine, I guess I was a little bit disappointed that I would have to carry on drinking instant coffee, but I was on such a high after my wedding and honeymoon that it really didn’t matter to me at all. We were surprised by the generosity of our friends and family and certainly were thankful for the lovely cards and shiny new household gifts we received. 
Try to see things from your guests’ perspective. It’s no secret that attending a wedding can be pricey. With travel expenses as well as a new outfit, sometimes an expensive gift just isn’t an option. Be grateful that your guests have made the effort to attend your wedding. We had family friends who flew in from France to celebrate with us at our wedding in Sheffield and having them there truly was a priceless gift for us both! 
Some people won’t buy you a gift and that’s ok. No big deal. You don’t know everyone’s financial situation and they may just have forgotten to buy a present amidst the excitement of their mate getting married! Just be prepared that not every single guest will arrive bearing gifts. 
And what about the bridesmaids? Let’s be honest, after having forked out for the hen do (as well as potentially the bridesmaid dress, hair, makeup, jewellery, shoes….), being a bridesmaid is a privilege that’s going to cost them! Having the love and support of your best girls on your big day is, for any bride, a much better wedding gift than a food processor! 
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