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1. Start with the basics: colour. Pick a main colour scheme which complements the rest of your wedding but don’t be afraid of pops of colour! Do bright orange blooms really look the part when paired with a pastel palette of bridesmaids dresses? Don’t forget to think about the colours and style of your venue if you’re having floral centrepieces. 
2. Be prepared to change your mind- lots! As with many aspects of your wedding, (but hopefully not the Groom!) your opinion on flowers will change daily! Your bouquet will go from roses to hydrangeas to sunflowers and probably back to roses again! Don’t panic, this is all part of the fun! 
3. Pick a florist whose style you like. There is no point selecting the insta-famous trendy florist who costs a fortune if actually you prefer a traditional floral look. There’s nothing wrong with wanting classic arrangements which will stand the test of time. Whatever you are drawn to, go for it! 
4. Choose seasonal blooms. They’re always cheaper and easier to source. Not only can it cost a small fortune to import peonies in August, it’s worth noting that some florists will point blank refuse to work with out of season flowers. Ask your florist for advice on seasonal alternatives to your favourite blooms, or be prepared to sacrifice your summer wedding for an April date to ensure you can have those peonies! 
5. Don’t overspend on flowers! Many brides underestimate the cost of their wedding flowers; in truth it can cost hundreds of pounds for a single bridal bouquet- ouch! Be sensible with the amount you can spend and be honest with your florist about your budget, there are plenty of options they can take to keep the cost down without sacrificing your desired floral look! 
Happy Planning! 
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